Communicate the features of a complex sustainability software

Capgemini asked us to create a sustainability software explainer to help explain their new sustainability offering.

To understand the risks and opportunities represented by sustainability, and have an effective response, the sustainability capability must include :

  • A clear strategy that illustrates how sustainability is expected to inform and guide the business model;
    A clear process for the collection, processing, analysis and reporting of data, to ensure the management has actionable insight into the issues and drivers that determine the organisations performance; and
    A sound technology base to ensure the process is efficient, auditable and reliable, and is able to manage the large and complex datasets that need to be processed;
    Sufficient budgetary and personnel resources to ensure data if effectively turned into reliable information and knowledge, and made available to support management programs.
    Stakeholders demand cold hard auditable facts about sustainability performance, a clear strategy to manage its impacts and make a positive contribution to its community, and evidence that pragmatic plans are being implemented.

sustainability software explainer

Organisations that put this capability in place will see payback in terms of improved compliance risk and better business efficiencies. Far more importantly however, they can have confidence that their sustainability strategy will be based on a clear view of their company, and they will have the credibility to help make their organisation fit for the future. They will indeed, be able to create their own future.

Sustainability managers are faced with a mountain of data to collect, process, analyse and use to support action programs, it’s time they invested in some mountain climbing equipment!

This is what their new offering does – it aggregates data from all over the organisation, both internally and externally so trends can be identified to help change.

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