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Creating a real estate animation with paper planes

If we’re honest, we’ve been wanting to create an animation using paper models for a while. We were thrilled when the opportunity came up to make this real estate animation for Qube. We pitched an idea based around folding paper and paper planes and the client loved it.

See how we make an animation

Qube make managing real estate simpler, so we based our script around just that. Simplicity. Starting with a single piece of paper, it unfolds to create our first cube, which is then revealed to be part of a bigger city. It was a challenge to create something that could unfold like paper and have the tactile look we were aiming for. Simplicity was the key to designing many of the elements, as to have a whole city of paper building, too much details would have overcomplicated the models and the final look.

real estate animation

One of the biggest challenges was to create the paper plane itself. While simple in theory, it was a little more tricky to execute. However, after a few tests we had our plane ready to fly through the scenes!

real estate animation

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