Create buzz around the release of a new report on Sustainability in the Automotive sector

In today’s digital age, video content has become an increasingly effective tool for businesses to promote their products and services. This is particularly true when it comes to promoting a new report or research study. With the right video content, you can generate buzz and interest around your report, and reach a wider audience. We did just this for Capgemini, creating a report promotion video for their Sustainability in Automotive report they’ve just release. This film was proudly on display at the Paris Motor Show where they took a stand.

How we made the film

The first step in creating a report promotion video is to identify the key messages you want to convey to your audience. What are the main findings of your report? What are the implications of those findings? Who is your target audience, and why should they care about your report? By answering these questions, you can start to develop a clear and compelling narrative for your video.


One of the choices to make is how much of the report content to reveal. In some videos, we’ve been specific in presenting report data. However, for this report promotion video, we decided to use a ‘crossroad’ device, asking the viewing which of two options they’d take on their future path. The trick is, they’ll want to do both, creating an intrigue which the report will solve.


Once you have a clear idea of what you want to say, you can start to think about the visuals for your video. We wanted this to feel it was about the future, but one that was in reach. We chose stock shots as an affordable way to get the various shots we needed. However, the key is to add visual effects to the piece, so that even though the video is made from clips shot at different times, they have a consistent look. We also added Capgemini’s clear graphic style. We made it playful, weaving their ribbon motif into the office.

Once you’ve made your Report Promotion Video

Next, you’ll need to decide where to host your video. YouTube is the obvious choice, its easy to embed on your website or share on social media. However, you may also want to consider hosting your video on your own website, or using a platform like Vimeo for a more professional look.


Once your video is complete, it’s time to promote it. Share it on your social media channels, and consider running targeted ads to reach your ideal audience. You may also want to reach out to industry influencers or journalists who cover your field to see if they’d be interested in featuring your video on their platforms.


In addition to promoting your video, it’s important to make it easy for people to access your report itself. Include a link to download or purchase the report in the description of your video, and make sure the report is prominently featured on your website.


A report promotion video is an effective way to generate interest and excitement around your new report or research study. By developing a clear narrative, promoted through all relevant channels, you will drive more traffic to your report.

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