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Communicate the value one of our Clients has delivered.

Our client came to us with the challenge of creating a film that showed off the amazing work they’ve done for their clients. Given the broad range of work they do and the different sectors they work in, we felt that creating a stock video presentation would be a great way to illustrate the real impact of what they’ve done to help grow their business. Actually seeing a shot of an airport when you’re talking about how they’ve helped airports revolution the IT systems that manages over 470,000 flights a year really brings that statistic to life!

How do you make a Stock Video Presentation look good?

The downside with a stock shot presentation is that because the footage comes from different sources it can look a bit disparate. So we added a visual treatment to the footage which fulfilled two functions. First, it made all the shots more consistent in look, as though filmed specifically for this video. Second, it meant the copy over the footage was easy to read.


stock video presentation


We also created a transition that looked like light flares, again to give consistency. So although there were many camera people involved across many different countries, our stock video presentation looked like it was all planned!

We also set a few ground rules. We avoided shots that looked too staged, and balanced literal shots with abstracts ones.

Are stock video presentations quick to make?

However, just because you’re using stock shots, doesn’t mean it will make the production quicker. We spent a long time combing multiple stock libraries like Pond5 and Shutterstock to get the right clips. Finding ones that look right for your presentation can be tough. You need to be mindful of details in the background that might give away the location for example. You can’t have copy about something taking place in the UK then see cars in the background on the wrong side of the road!

stock video presentation


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