Federated 4 Health,
Communicate the importance of childhood vaccinations to several different specific audiences.

Vaccines are topical news, but it’s not just COVID-19 vaccines that are important. Federation 4 Health were recommended to us for our work creating a charity video for another client. They wanted a vaccination animation to promote reminding people to get their kids inoculated.

To reach the widest audience, we recorded the voice over in English, Polish, Somali and Turkish. You’ll hear a selection from each on the clip! It’s interesting to hear the different delivery of each voice over artist. It’s interesting hearing the different tone of each artist, and the way the languages sounds. English is quite a concise language, so it was a challenge to get the other languages to match.

We made WhatsApp friendly versions (smaller file sizes) so that this vaccination animation could be shared easily, with a call to action specific to that platform, reminding people to forward it to those who might benefit. This little nudges can be really effective getting people to share content.

We also have subtitles in each language, so even if you stumble across the Turkish one, you can watch it with Polish subtitles.

This project took a long time to create because we had to make sure we were showing the moment of vaccination accurately. This mean the angle, the area of the body, the duration of the injection. All this detail needed to be right.


We went through lots of sketches before we got it right, then turned these into vector-based animations.


Although not commissioned by the NHS, we made sure we use their colours for the nurse’s uniforms, and used their website as the point of reference for people to look up. As the URL of the home page was quite long, it made more sense to suggest a search, as this would be easy to do if you were on a mobile device.

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