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Show how we make our films and animations

We’re often asked about our process and the steps we go through to making a video or animation. As a video production company, we know from experience that clients find video a great way to communicate something you tell people regularly in clear and effective way, so we made this animation to show we how we do what we do!

This is how we make films at Napoleon Creative


Video Production London


You bring us your challenge, which might be a product you’re trying to sell, or a service you’re trying to explain. You’ll tell us about your business and how it works. We’ll listen and ask questions so we can explore your challenge and draw out your ideas, your objectives, Who your audience will be and what frame of mind they’ll be in when you’re communicating with them. Together we’ll define your key messages, streamlining them to tell your audience what they want to know… and what you want them to know…!


The Proposal

We’ll distil what we’ve learned into creative possibilities then give you budget options to give you the right project at the right price for you. We’ll suggest solutions which will enable your to maximise your return on your investment.


Video Production Begins

When you’ve given us the green light we’ll assemble a crack team of our core creatives and handpicked freelancers with the right skills for your project. We’ll begin writing, filming, and animating. And you’ll be involved too.


Post Production

Once we start the edit, we’ll share with you versions of the project for you to comment on. That way you can ensure what we’re creating is bang on target.



No matter which platform you’re broadcasting on, we’ll make sure that your content works for you perfectly.


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See how we make an animation

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