At this time of year, rather than Bid Films, our clients commission us with one of FOUR types of end of year videos:

1) Clips that celebrate the work they have completed, and the hard work their teams have done this year.

2) Videos content that pushes sales to meet their year end sales targets.

3) Clients looking to spend remaining budgets.

4) Projects that use up a little budget to celebrate and inspire their teamsand generate sales!

Top tips for creating a 2023 Celebration/Sales Film

1) Start now!

The Christmas break may seem a while way away yet, but these films take longer than you think. Those four weeks are going to fly by!

(If you want to send it out before 20 December when everyone starts taking annual leave, and you want our help, book a call now!)

2) Compile a list of the projects you’ve completed

I’m always amazed at the number of project we’ve completed at the end of the year. We’ve filmed on a mine site in Cornwall, filmed two big bid films, animations about times sheets and quantum computing…

3) How have they created value for your clients?

Now look at what your clients have achieved through your work. You might call them up and ask for an update. And ask if there’s anything else you can do for them…

4) Find a single image that communicates this

The visual is key – pick an image which is not about the project but about the value – what your work delivered to the final customer. So don’t show the computer programmers at work. Show the happy customer getting a seamless digital experience on the app.

5) Structure your script

Find ways to link your projects. Might be by the industry, or by the product. Or location. That’s so the film flows easily from one project to the next.

6) Keep it simple

For these projects, you need to strip down the wording to one clear message per project. We recommend using on screen copy as voice over can add to the time it take to make the project, and making last minute changes more complicated

7) User-generated content

Clients invite their staff to contribute, either heads of departments congratulating their teams on the work done, or individuals explaining what their projects have achieved.

8) Make Internal and External versions

You can make one version directed at your employees – “here’s what we’ve achieved this year!” Another celebrating what you’ve done for your clients – which may have the client names removed – which your sales team can use to impress clients. Of course, the calls to action at the end will be different.

How much to these end of year videos cost?

This really depends on the amount of work. We’ve made them for just under £2k where we’ve cut together self-filmed videos and added graphics and music.

Other clients have invested £15k, and had bespoke illustrations and animation. These celebration reels that have been spread throughout the organisation, inspiring staff across the globe. Clients have presented this same video to prospects in order to shows the breadth of their work.

These videos might seem like they’re only good till the new year, but actually they can have a long shelf life, still being used 3-4 years later.

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