Earlier this year, we filmed a video for KML to demonstrate their innovative massage tool. Well, things are going from strength to strength for KML, and they’ve now developed the tool and started to introduce different colours for the range.

Kneads Must’s Innovative Massage Tool

innovative massage tool

We did a stills shoot for them to help promote the tool. They’re lovely to touch and hold. You slide your fingers through the holes, and then can massage using the various curves, points and edges. There’ s something simplistic and organic about them like smoothed pebbles, yet the plastic and colours makes them feel high tech and modern.

The shoot was fun because they’re translucent, so you can shine lights through them. Thankfully the tools are not polished so we didn’t have to hide reflections of lights or camera!

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  1. I completely love these tools – they are so cool! I personally would buy one immediately but, then again, I am rather biased…..thanks for all your sterling help and belief in us…xxuna/KML

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