Time-lapse drawing videoIn today’s ever changing marketing landscape, you might wonder is animation still popular for corporate video? Well, statistics from Wyzowl say they are.

Around 55% of brands are incorporating animation into their video strategies. Although this figure is slightly lower than those for live-action videos (66%) and screen-recorded videos (57%), when you factor in how much additional work animation takes over those formats, it’s clear that they’re still worth the investment.

Why Animation is still popular for Corporate Video

When we delve deeper, we find that 70% of companies create explainers, 46% produce video ads, and 23% create video graphics. This showcases the versatility and adaptability of animation in adapting to differing marketing needs.

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What sets animated corporate videos apart is there’s a freedom in the way you approach them. You can pick from one of a hundred animation styles yet still align it to your brand’s identity and objectives. Here are a few examples of different animations we’ve created for the same company, all in very different styles and yet all on brand.

The benefits of Animation

By incorporating animation into your marketing video strategies, you can harness its unique power to captivate your audience, convey complex ideas in a visually engaging manner, and leave a lasting impression on viewers. Whether you choose explainer videos, video ads, or short scroll stopping loops, animation offers endless possibilities for creativity and brand storytelling.

So is animation still popular for corporate video? It’s a resounding yes!

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