Last year we helped one of our regular clients, a Marketing Director from a global technology company to win both the company’s biggest global deal and the biggest UK deal. We created winning bid video content – both animation and filming – which was seen to be pivotal in the win. our Discovery Deck process helped us to really refine the messaging of each film before we started. But that’s just the start of the story.

What makes a video a Winning Bid Video?

1) Explainers can really set the tone for the bid and tell the top line details of the offering. The key is to make them detailed enough to satisfy those who are involved on a technical level, yet understandable for those who are less so. For one of the bids, the Board actually wanted to watch the video a second time to really take it all in.

2) Let your staff speak. We filmed the individuals who would lead various parts of a bid, delivering straight to camera. Even those dreading it enjoyed the experience. The client said this really set the company apart, letting them get to know the people they would be working with.

3) We filmed testimonials of staff who had transitioned to the company. They told in their own voice their concerns in advance of the move, and the positive reality. The client got a real sense of what it was going to be like for their staff who would be leaving their organisation.

Winning bid video

We create work that is bespoke, designed exclusively for that bid. It would be great if we could add them to our showreel, but they feature confidential information, so we can’t! That’s why we’ve created a generic image to illustrate this post, though they seem the right combination of emojis!

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