Making a Christmas corporate animation

Texcel Technology have asked us to make a Christmas video for the last couple of years, but this year they asked us to make a Christmas corporate animation instead. While each film we’ve done for them has been different, it was nice working on a completely different style. It’s always important to shake things up a bit, particularly with Christmas videos. You don’t want your audience to get bored of watching them, so be creative with your ideas.

Texcel make all kinds of amazing circuitboards and house, so this time round we followed our digital Santa.

Who are Texcel?

Texcel has been operating since 1977 and the company has established itself as a reputable Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) and has grown its revenue steadily over the years. Its production facilities are in the UK, but it supplies customer all over the world. They supply products into a wide range of vertical markets.

Every year the company re-invests a considerable proportion of its profits to increase productivity and efficiency as well as enhancing employee skills through training and qualifications.

The company develops strong relationships with customers, encouraging direct communications across all departments. They recognise that each client is unique, and offer them a custom service in terms of design support, production and logistics.

They source components worldwide and our procurement team excel in procuring components for clients to ensure on time delivery wherever possible, based upon our strong partnerships with our suppliers

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