We have just won a piece of business for a new client, possibly the UK’s best-loved home-ware and furniture stores.  We are creating a Ceros animation for their Christmas campaign, so it’s all a little hush-hush at the moment. However, Michael is very excited because it involved ROBOTS!

What is a Ceros animation?

The animation is part of an app powered by Ceros, an innovative marketing tools platform. Ceros is a cloud-based platform encompassing a collaborative, real-time digital canvas. It allows designers to create animated, interactive content without the need for developers. For Ceros animation is important, as it creates more engagement and dwell time on the page. This of course leads to more sales for their clients.

Ceros is a new platform to us, so we’re getting to grips with what we can and can’t do on it. This is always a challenge we enjoy, finding new ways to use animation and video, to creative something different and innovative.

Ceros animation

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