We’ve been settled into our new offices for some months now, and we’re loving the local area. If you’re running a video production company that also does animation E2 is a perfect location. We’re out of the city, but close enough to easily visit clients. There are plenty of fab places to eat, go for drinks after work and local parks for Leon to have his afternoon walk.

Googling for Animation E2?

We’re based in the area, but serve clients all over the world. We create a range of animation, from character to typography to motion graphics.

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Sign on the Door

Today we finally got around to putting up our logo on the door, and it looks fab! We’ve used our brand logo in so many ways, on business cards and our website. It’s nice to see it used physically on the window!



Animation E2

Redchurch Street, a thoroughfare in East London, has undergone a metamorphosis over the past decade. Once full of leather and clothes wholesalers, then galleroes, it has evolved into a hub of urban chic. Formerly overshadowed buildings now boast vibrant facades adorned with street art, which capture the area’s vibrant spirit. As a testament to its evolution, renowned brands and designers have set up shop here.

The influx of diverse establishments has cultivated an eclectic community, creating an atmosphere that celebrates innovation and diversity. Redchurch Street stands as a living canvas, illustrating the dynamic narrative of urban evolution, where tradition intertwines seamlessly with the pulse of modernity.

If you’re walking down Redchurch Street, drop in and say hello!

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