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Follow up your films with high impact looping videos for your audiences

One extra day on your project in the studio could mean a handful of looping videos, which you can utilise across many different platforms for as long as you please. This means you can promote your video on social media, and your video can reach a wider audience, continuing to share the message and value of your brand.

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Creating high impact looping videos

Across all of our projects you’ll often hear us talking about delivering great ROI with video. Not just delivering one video as per the brief, for an event or product launch page, but building all the assets necessary to make the most of your video and ensure it reaches the widest audience.

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There are many players, but the big guns are obviously Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and company websites will have links to all or a selection of these. Each platform has different rules when it comes to looping video, for example, file format or the device the video is played on. Some platforms behave differently if you’re using standard 16:9, square or vertical videos, but don’t worry, if you need,

we can cover this for you.

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There are two main options when it comes to looping video. It’s either controlled by the media player of the platform. Or, it’s set to do so in the file itself, generally a GIF. It can often mean creating additional content beyond your initial brief, but these all serve the purpose of attracting attention, perhaps drawing the audience to watch a more detailed video, then visit your site. We’re also able to create and export loops within animations, using our software in the studio. These are mini ads for your business, service or product.

Below is a breakdown of what you need to know about creating looping content for each of your social media platforms.

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Facebook Loop Videos

All videos on Facebook that are 30 seconds or shorter will loop continuously. This includes videos shared organically as well as video ads. Looping means that your video will replay once it reaches the end. Videos will loop continuously up to approximately 90 seconds on Facebook.

Facebook also strongly recommends that creating videos of 15 seconds or less can significantly drive up video completions.

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While Facebook handles different ratios well, they recommend using a format optimised for mobile, such as square or vertical. While you can upload videos of up to 4GB, you’re advised to make your file size smaller to ensure high quality playback.

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Twitter Looping Videos

Things are quite different to Facebook when it comes to looping video on Twitter.

All videos posted to Twitter that are 6.5 seconds or shorter will automatically loop.

This was brought into place earlier this year when Vine was shutdown and replaced with Vine Camera. Anything video longer than 6.5 seconds will appear with a play button to trigger the video.


You also have the options to upload a GIF up to 350 frames long, up to 1280×720 resolution and up to 15MB filesize. You can specify framerates with GIFs, but generally speaking 30 frames equates to 14 seconds. Remember though, the shorter it is the more likely the video completions!

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Instagram Looping Videos


Note: when embedded in a website, the loops don’t automatically loop, it’s only when you go directly to the platform… so click below and give us a follow.

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Thankfully Instagram is built to loop. You do have to remember that your video must be 3 to 60 seconds long though. So if you want a loop shorter than 3 seconds, create a clip with two repetitions for export to Instagram. On iOS there’s a nice feature that adds multiple clips, effectively making a mini edit.

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Websites and beyond…

It’s not just social media channels where looping video can be used. We’ve also created looping content for websites to offer something with a little more life than just photos. We’ve also created looping content for screens in company receptions. Think of looping videos as a sales tool that is tirelessly and endlessly working for your cause!

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