This week Michael and Laura a took a break from the office and spent a day doing some staff training at a TV Presenter Taster Day. Staff presentation training is important for them to feel confident when talking to clients.

Why have Staff presentation training?

Now, while they may not have any immediate aspirations to be a TV presenter, it was clear from the outset that improving presentation skills would benefit us them. With this particular course there was the added benefit of them experiencing first hand what many of our clients go through when they are stood in front of the camera.

The course was held by the good people at 01zero-one and presented by Tony Hindhaugh from The TV Training Academy

The day was split into three main sections, a piece to camera, auto-cue and co-presenting. As the day went on the confidence of the whole group grew and they gave some surprisingly professional performances.

Outside your comfort zone

Individual learning aside though, the main thing that I took away from this session was the importance of seeing your colleagues in an environment outside of their comfort zone. At work, we all know each others strengths and weaknesses, but in a different environment you discover new things about each other, some insecurities, but also lots of strengths that you never knew were there and can be brought back into the workplace. Michael was able to knock up a script in less than five minutes and then co-present with someone he had just met. It turned out to be both very funny and also flawlessly delivered!

So, if you’re thinking about doing any training days for your staff, just go for it. You will undoubtedly discover things you never knew and be able bring all of the experiences back into the business. Let’s not forget, it’s A LOT of fun too!

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