Yesterday we filmed at the eVoice conference, held in Norwich. Was a very interesting day, lots of talk about how to make eDemocracy work. The key event, of course, was the premiere of CivicSurf documentary that we have been working on.

What is the CivicSurf Documentary about?

Civic Surf is a programme which teaches the basics of blogging. This includes the technical and also the cultural issues around blogging. For this documentary, we are following three local councillors as they set up and run blogs to communicate with their local constituents. The CivicSurf documentary will be posted online shortly. We made this in collaboration with Gallomanor , the organisation who run the programme.

Gallomanor have had a simple mission throughout: Creating Community Conversations. They aim to help organisations connect with the communities with whom they need to be in conversation. They have a strong, but not exclusive focus on education and reaching school student

Moving Politics into the Internet

Moving politics into the internet world seems to have a lot of success, but also can be hard to implement. More thoughts later, as we have two projects to deliver today!

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