If you’ve landed on this page, then it’s likely that you’ve come via a post on LinkedIn. So you’re either intrigued by our work, or you’re looking to work with us to create some LinkedIn Video Content.

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If you’ve come from LinkedIn, you know know how effective video content can be when you see it in your feed. Whether it’s an animation, film or simply a short clip on from a mobile, video brings ideas to life. Here’s a few examples of the type of content we’ve made to help people create buzz about their products and services.

Thought Leadership Films

show thought leadership

Video is a great way to show thought leadership in a concise and impactful way. It also allows you to add their expertise to any sales presentation. And by putting the video on your website or LinkedIn, they get a much greater exposure.

Explainer Videos

No matter how slick your  pitch, trying to communicate quickly and simply is difficult. Because you don’t actually have 90 seconds. You’ve got 8 seconds, which is how long you have to grab, and keep, someone’s attention online. By 10 seconds they need to know what they’re seeing and why, or they’re gone. An explainer video benefits your website by telling a story that quickly connects with your customers. It entertains them while educating them about your product or services. And of course, you can promote it to your social media channels to reach a larger audience.


A Testimonial video is one of the most powerful tools to grow your business, which can help you get prospects to pick up the phone and land your deals quicker.

At Napoleon Creative, we specialise in asking the right questions in interview that allows the client to speak their mind, while revealing the reasons why people should invest in you.

Crowd Funding

If you’re raising funds through crowdfunding, you need to tell the story of what inspired your business and how you plan to grow it in a way that will attract investment. Video is a very powerful way to show your passion, win over any objections and affirm your credibility. This exactly why you need a crowdfunding video.

Why choose Napoleon Creative as a partner for LinkedIn video content

We’ve seen LinkedIn grow and evolve as an essential part of any business’s marketing plan. Here are the reasons you should contact us to help with your content.

We create engaging content that connects with the audience

We’re aware of how video works on the platform, so can repurpose a clip for it

We’ve delivered hundreds of videos for our clients, which have had millions of plays on LinkedIn

We’re active on LinkedIn, so we know how even what seems like low levels of interaction can reap rewards.

At Napoleon Creative there are no Account Handlers or PA firewalls.

When you contact us you'll get straight through to our Creative Director, Gavin Ricketts.