We moved into our new studio over a year ago, giving us lots of creative space.

However, an external building issue meant we couldn’t commit to finishing the decorating until corrective works were done. The works were completed in December, and we’ve finally found the time to decorate our kitchen/meeting room.

We settled on some really quite… startling wallpaper. Bold, bright and floral, we agreed that it wasn’t a pattern that we’d choose for our homes, but here at work we could be a little braver. A little more outrageous. And it looks fantastic.

For me, it was always essential that the decoration of the kitchen/meeting area contrasted to the main working area. I want the NC team to feel like they are taking a break somewhere different, that they are no longer in the space they work while eating lunch. Likewise, when we have meetings I wanted it to be an uplifting and creative space, where we were encouraged to think differently just by sitting in the environment.

I believe we’ve achieved that. We have improved productivity and it’s become a great space to hold a Discovery Workshop. Anyway, it’s so cheerful to walk in to, you can’t help but smile!

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