Earlier in the year, Habitat approached us to animate the robot character who hosts their present choosing app. He’s not the friendly, cheerful sort of robot. In fact, he absolutely hates Christmas. On the site, you first answer a few questions about the recipient. The cranky robot will then work out the perfect presents to buy them. We’re used to make animation like this, but we were challenged with making a Ceros video.

What is a Ceros Video?

The gift finder app is run on the Ceros platform, which is a powerful interactive content creation software for marketers designers. Ceros provides tools and services that empower companies to create interactive content with unparalleled ease and efficiency, driving customer engagement to new levels. The Ceros video had to be provided to a certain spec to work. We weren’t confined to the 16:9 ration, which gave us more flexibility. We workshopped with the Habitat team to come up with ideas for the different results the KrisBot was going to come up with.

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Creating the animation

Creating a video for the Ceros platform involves designing a layout using their templates or starting from scratch. Customise video properties like autoplay and volume, and enhance it with interactive elements such as clickable hotspots or overlays. Ensure your design is mobile and desktop-friendly, then preview and publish the project for sharing with your audience through various channels. Ceros’ platform allows for seamless integration of multimedia elements to create engaging video experiences.

This project gave us a lot of fun, as Habitat’s marketing team gave us scope to make Kris-bot more than a little evil! It was nice to do something seaonal in the lead up to Christmas. And we always like learning a new platform. Hopefully we’ll get more Ceros video commissions!

Ceros video

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