It seems that October is a big month for animation at Napoleon Creative. Last October Capgemini gave us two challenging animations and this year they asked us to do two more! This time, they were both conference promotional video clips.

The new animations were good fun and each threw up their own challenges. With both being made specifically for separate events, there was not only very specific time pressure, but also the challenge of taking graphics and imagery chosen by the client and mixing it with interview footage to create a complete video that explains a topic and gives a clear ‘call to action’.

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The first animation was to promote Architect Week 2010. We combined video interview footage with animation to create something that felt vibrant and exciting. We used the client’s brand colour to make it feel very much their content.

The second animation to promote Capgemini at EMC Momentum 2010 in Lisbon. We took the conference image they were using of a skateboarder as a starting point. We split the photo into different layers, with the pavement, skateboarder and background on different ones. We then filled in the background behind the boards, which enabled us to use parallax scrolling. This is a technique which makes a photograph look like a three dimensional freeze frame. The effect really worked well.



We’ve also had lots of nice graphics to play with creating titles and animations for several other projects. So all in all October was a great month for conference promotional video and long may it continue! After all, video is well proved to draw audiences attention in.

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