You’ve been looking for copyright free images for a new promotion. Apart from always finding the same tired and artificial look, when you do find the right individual images, they’re all in completely different styles. Stock shot video doesn’t always work.

stock shot video

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The Challenge of creating a Stock Shot Video

A client presented us with this problem. They wanted to build a narrative for the product they were promoting. They’d searched through stock shot companies like Pond5. However, stock shots weren’t cutting it, since the shots that could tell the story were by different photographers featured different models. And of course, didn’t feature the product. Their budget didn’t extend to booking models, choosing a set, hiring a photographer so they could create their own stills.

Why animation is better value

Our solution was to draw our own images, based on the storyboard they’d created with stock images. We creaeed these images in a way that was completely customised and more importantly all on brand. The clip above is a short test extract from this project, we’re now looking to make the animation more fluid. Our solution offered great value by being bespoke, on brand and telling exactly the right narrative at a fraction of the cost of shooting bespoke footage.

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