Having fun branding YouTube channels

We’ve recently won a joint pitch with the great branding agency Falcon. The brief was to create branding and video visual identity guidelines for three new YouTube channels. Branding is increasingly tough, and branding YouTube channels is no different. Creating a new name and visual identity that’s never been used by others is becoming harder by the day.

We decided to get away from computer screens, raiding a local W H Smith for magazines. We created mood boards on paper, before translating them into digital versions. It was really refreshing to be working on something tactile, and a great way for the Falcon and Napoleon teams to get to know each other.

Whichever social media platform you post to, video brand guidelines are critical to maintaining a consistency brand look across the films you distribute. While traditional brand guidelines have long been standard, in a recent survey by B2B Marketing, 68% of respondents admitted to not having any for video content. This means that there is a strong chance their content will not have a strong brand look and feel. We’ve drawn up these video brand guidelines tips to help anyone wanting to up their game!


What are the benefits?

A comprehensive set of guidelines ensures your brand is presented consistently, helping giving your customers confidence when they watch your content. This builds trust and leads to more sales.

Guidelines also speed up the creation of content because you’re not re-inventing the wheel every time you create a video.

These guidelines can also be used externally, shared with the agencies you use (and by that we mean us!)

So if you want to increase your views on your YouTube channel, book a free discovery call. We can help you create brand guidelines which makes content creation quicker, easier and more effective.

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