We had a call from one of our regular clients who wanted us to film a training event. The delegates were being divided into teams, who then pitched a new product to a board. It was a cross between the Apprentice and Dragon’s Den. We’re experts at budgeting video projects, but this was a tricky one.

The Goldilocks Budget

When you say The Apprentice you seen a full HD, glossy look, with plenty of post production gloss. The client wasn’t looking to be spending a vast amount on an internal project with limited eyeballs on it. The first budget we sent, with two cameras, dedicated sound person, plus a director to watch over, was just over kill. So we offered another one with a single camera, although this would restriction what could be filmed and captured. Then we gave the ‘Goldilocks’ budget, with two cameras with operators, so enough to capture the action without going overboard. And, just as with Goldilocks, the budget was just right.

Budgeting video projects takes time and negotiation. Sometimes a client isn’t sure of the quality they need, and we have to help them find the right one. Video budgets can be scaled right down or right up to achieve the right flexibility. Just don’t expect full HD, seventeen cameras and a full gallery team on a show string budget!


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