On Monday we got a job to create a video for a presentation for new client, Grayling. As with any new client, we knew what we wanted them to take away from the experience and hoped it would bring in more business.

We did a simple interview set up, then cut it down to a 90 sec clip. Worked well, got the clip delivered in good time, nice HD encode. We took the speaker into the presentation virtually as they couldn’t make it in person.

Then we get a call from our client from the presentation. First fear, the clip wouldn’t work for some reason. No, all went fine – in fact, can we create an wmv for people at the meeting to take away?

Sure! Within half an hour we’d re-encoded the clip so it was under 5mb, the size that usually gets emails sent to spam or blocked. The client received it on their BlackBerry, and forwarded it to everyone at the meeting. Easy solution, and meant the investment they made on the clip wasn’t just spent during the presentation, but can now be reviewed by all at any time.

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