One of our clients wanted some ‘generic’ brand elements that could be used with any video project. We’d seen a lot of their material, which had all made very literal use of their logo. We wanted to create something a little less obvious and a little more…. esoteric. We decided on a Saul Bass inspired animation.

Who was Saul Bass?

Saul Bass was a legendary graphic artist who created many distinctive Hitchcock and Bond titles. His Dr No title sequence is still one of my favourites because its simple moving dots.

The client was pleased with the clean, crisp look. This graphic was designed so that text could be placed over it in the company’s style of white text without a drop shadow. We needed high contrast for the copy to stand out. We also had fun with their corporate colour palate, straying from the blues with which they are chiefly associated with.

Creating brand video elements

Crafting brand video elements combines visual elements, from colours to imagery, should reflect the brand’s personality while invoking emotional connections.

Distinctive music or soundscapes complement the visuals, and reinforcing look and feel of the brand identity.

Consistency across elements gives recognisability and reinforces brand recall, ensuring a cohesive brand experience. Seamless integration of logos, typography, and brand colours within the video maintains brand coherence.

Lastly, a clear call to action prompts audience engagement, guiding them towards the action you want them to take. Whether it’s brand advocacy, product awareness, or community engagement. Each element harmonises to create a brand video that not only captivates but also authentically represents the brand’s essence.


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