Yesterday we shot at Worthing Hospital for a corporate documentary about  West Sussex PCT. Our client Capgemini has helped three Primary Care Trusts merge. This involved not just bringing the different organisations under one roof, but taking the best practice from each business and setting new standards. It also meant taking the best new technology and implementing it across the new PCT.

Creating the Corporate Documentary

We filmed in five locations for this project. First, in a hospital, where we were in ward capturing footage there. That meant we got to film a plaster cast being sawn off, people reviewing X-rays, plus lots of very technical looking equipment. Wonder how much will make the final cut?! Next we were in local office that Capgemini had set up, which is where they held the workshops and helped the organisation align its business practices. Here, we set up and filmed the interviews. Last, we went to a GP’s surgery nearby, to get footage of a smaller practice. Last, when we stopped for lunch, we took some general shots of the town, to give some ‘local colour’ to the shoot.

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Why film in different places?

Filming in multiple locations gives you a wider range of footage to choose from when editing the video. It always makes the project more dynamic, as you can see in this client testimonial video. You only use a few seconds of each shot, so you need to take a lot of different angles and scenarios. It can be hard when you’re only in one location to get enough variety, which is why we like to film in multiple locations.

When planning a shooting day, it’s always good to make sure you are making best use of the time, so finding locations close together is essential.

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