We filmed on Monday at the Classic Car Club, where we’d previously shot a piece about Capgemini’s Cars Online survey. However, this time the seasonal light was very different.

What is Seasonal light?

Natural daylight varies depending on the time of day and the weather. Obviously, when the clouds are out, it will be a grey colour. When the sky is blue, it is brighter and warmer.

Even though we were in the exact same location, it was remarkable how different the colour temperature was. We last shot in mid September, and the light was warm and bright. Monday was grey and overcast, and so the new footage looks cold and flat.

The other thing to take into consideration is the angle of the light. In winter, then  sun is lower, so the light comes in at a shallower angle.

How can you compensate in post production?

We always use a process called grading to tweak the colours of the film. In  this case, we were warming up the picture.  However, it was interesting on the shoot noticing how much the colour changed the feel of the piece.

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