Today we filmed a video interview with Councillor Mary Reid of Kingston Council, who chatted about her exploits as a blogger. She’s an engaging speaker and very down to earth. She spoke about the way she interacts with people via her blog, balancing her personal opinions with what’s going on in her constituency.

How we film a video interview

We filmed on our Sony Z1 camera in central London. We arrived at the location, and got cleared through security. We got into the room we were allowed to film in, and chose an angle. We wanted to keep the window in shot, to give the interview depth. We used another HD camcorder to give us a second angle to play with in the edit.

Building the CivicSurf Documentary

I think the interview will make a great contribution to the CivicSurf documentary we’re making. We’re following the stories of three Norfolk Councillors as they set up blogs are start using them to communicate with their constituents.

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