We recently made this superhero explainer animation for a management consulting company. Four ordinary looking employees become superheroes to heed the call of some serious technology issues. We pitched to the client a comic book style which was a challenging but fun adventure…


superhero explainer animation

super hero animation

The visual influence was the two-tone drawings found in a comic books. The challenge was to create a high impact ‘trailer’ full of drama.

To begin, we went to Gosh comics and bought a few comic books, to really analyse a range of comic book styles, so we could refine our own. We made lots of original artwork including several different landscapes in various countries, building interiors, exteriors, cities and vehicles. Not to mention of course the heroes themselves! It took a fair amount of experimenting with different superhero outfits and incorporating brand colours before getting the look just right. The use of close ups and unusual camera angles kept it exciting and touches of colour were later added to give it more life and some variation.

superhero explainer animation

superhero explainer animation

Getting the comic book feel

Subtle camera moves through the artwork helped to set the scenes before moving increasingly faster to build tension. Some 3D work was incorporated into the opening scene with a spinning globe of Earth and a floating satellite. Complete with a blockbuster soundtrack, this superhero explainer animation certainly packs a punch!

Tell stories like this expands our creativity and delivers to the client a memorable video to show off.


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