If you’re looking to commission a video or animation, here are our video brief tips. They’ll enable you to bring your ideas together in a way a production company can understand.

Our Video Brief Tips

1. What is the Target of your video?

We know you want to grow your business, but what do you want your audience to do after they see the film? Do you want them to go to your website? Do you want them to pick up the phone? Or to visit your bricks-and-mortar store?

2. List your When/Why/How/Who/Where/Whats?

What information do you want to communicate? What are the important facts the script will be built on? Most importantly, what of this information is new to your audience?

video brief tips3. Define your Market

Who do you want to send the video to? Clients? Employees? Why would they want to use your product or service? Why is your story important to theirs? We can help you with this with our Discovery Deck workshop.

4. The style you would like to have

Film? Animation? Or a bit of both? Whiteboard animations are always popular, but then, they’re also getting a bit too popular…

Send links to YouTube clips you that you think work for your audience.

Whiteboard Animation London5. The duration of your video

We recommend keeping your video under 3 minutes for the classic explainer video. However, you may need longer if your messaging is more complex.

6. Voice-over/Presenter/Actor Requirements

Do you want home-grown talent from your company to tell the message, or would you rather have a professional actor lead the piece?

7. Locations Involved

Where you want it to be filmed? In your offices? Or an external location  where your customers are likely to actually use the product or service?

8. What Budget have you allocated for this project?

At this moment in time, a ‘ballpark’ figure is fine. Video is very flexible, so you can make a video on £3,000, £12,000 and £24,000. You won’t get the same result, but you can get something done on any budget!

last minute filming9. Your deadline

If you have a launch deadline in mind, let us know. We generally aim to deliver two days before, to allow you to be completely happy with the content before it’s used.

10. Remember: The brief isn’t set in stone

Your brief is only the start of the journey to your finished video. Along the way, a good production will challenge what you’ve put in the brief to ensure what you’re getting is going to work for your audience.

Are you looking for a Video Company to brief?

If you’re looking for a video production company, book a call and we can talk you through the entire process and give you ideas of budget and timeline.

Were those video brief tips helpful?

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