We recently made a video about Digital Manufacturing for Capgemini. To support the release of the video, we suggested making an Instagram marketing video. We reworked some shorts snippets of the animation to format suitable for Instagram. Here are some tips for making this kind of content work.

How to make an Instagram Marketing Video

Instagram has opened up it’s format beyond the traditional square but we have the following recommendations:

  • making the image square will make the
  • find 5 – 30 seconds maximum – the average length of the top 10 most ‘liked’ videos from BBC News in June 2016 was 32 seconds
  • make sure loops nicely – either to repeat, or have a really clear break, so you can see when it ends and starts again
  • make sure that it works without audio, since most people watch it on their phone without the sound on
  • pick a moment that stands out and memorable
  • if necessary, use on screen text to give context or to subtitle people speaking
  • use the video caption to expand on the idea and entice your audience to find out more
  • you can also call your viewers to action, asking them to make a comment related to your video about their opinions or experiences
  • make sure you research the keywords that will attract appropriate viewers
  • tag the video with your profile name to show it’s about your company


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