Yes, you read that right. It’s a technique we call the ‘Octopus Effect’, and we use it to get right to the heart of every client’s story. The result? A high-performing explainer video.

high-performing explainer video

Explainer videos are the perfect storytelling medium for making complex information digestible and technical detail fascinating. But ONLY – and this is important – if they’re telling a story that’s compelling, entertaining and relevant to their audience.

The ability to find your story is just as important as imagination, creativity and technical wizardry. That’s where we come in.

Why our explainer videos work

We’re naturally inquisitive.

Come to us with a challenge and we’ll find it fascinating, whatever it is. That’s what drives every member of the team to be creative and try something new. But we’re not happy just making videos, they have to be useful videos. So the most valuable time we can spend is in getting to know you, your product or service, your audiences, and what’s going to capture their imagination.

We become your greatest storytelling allies.

We start with the Discovery stage, opening with a dynamic Discovery Deck Workshop where we use our exclusively designed card game to work through your challenge.


How does an octopus create a high-performing explainer video?

Here’s where the Octopus Effect comes in. As part of your Workshop, we ask questions. Many questions. Some are simple fact finders. Others are more provocative. Our favourite (though we’re giving the game away) is:

“How would you tell the story if octopus is the star?”

Clients look at us blankly. How can their product be used by a octopus? Why would an octopus be using our product? Suddenly the creative juices start flowing. Soon we have a list of totally credible reasons an octopus needs security reporting software or hair styling products.

See the Octopus Effect in action!

It’s an approach we’ve tried and we’ve tested and we know will help you unlock your ideas and get to the heart of your story.

Of course, your final explainer video won’t (necessarily) feature an octopus. But our high-performing explainer videos have several characteristics in common:

  • An engaging story
  • Creative approaches to animation
  • A detailed production process
  • Unmissable visual and audio calls to action

See swift benefits

Our clients quickly start to see the results of their investment. A great explainer video helps make meetings and presentations more productive, as the audience immediately understands the offer. It helps improve website stats by driving traffic from other platforms, which benefits SEO. And it prompts more prospective customers to get in touch. Read more about explainer video benefits.

Need to find your Octopus? Contact us now!

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