Our client came to us with a challenge. We created a testimonial film for them a few weeks ago, which was a montage of people speaking in English. They were showing this at a presentation for a potential client based in France. As the testimonial was quite technical, they wanted to to add French subtitles.

Why add French Subtitles?

As a world-wide company, the multiple testimonials within the film are in a wide variety of accents. Our clients needed their prospective new clients to understand what was being said.

So we went back to the sequence and added subtitles to make the video accessible to the right audiences. It was interesting that the French copy seemed much longer than it would be in English. So we spaced out the sequence, adding a few bits where no one was talking, to give time for the subtitles to be read. It was a like solving a crossword puzzle, fitting all the right words into the right places!


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