We were very pleased to be asked to work with Space NK again on another makeup marketing video this week.

After working with Space NK in February on the launch of the new Wei Beauty products in their stores, we were asked to shoot an interview and demonstrations. This time it was for the launch of the new Kjaer Weis range in their stores.

Who is the founder of the range?

Kirsten Kjaer Weis grew up on a Danish farm before training at the prestigious Christian Chauveau School of Artistic Makeup in Paris. She gained global experience, contributing to renowned fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire. As a sought-after makeup artist in New York, she noticed people compromising their skin’s health with synthetic makeup. Existing natural products fell short in performance and luxury. Leveraging her natural upbringing and beauty expertise, Kirsten pioneered Kjaer Weis, setting new standards in the industry with organic, luxury beauty.

We set up in one of Space NK’s stores in West London. Kirsten talked us through how she used the product, making up a model as we filmed. She explained how she developed the products, using organic ingredients. Back in the studio, we cut this together into a series of short videos that show off the new products.

We advised Space NK on how to create the video specifically for their Social Media sites, including their facebook page. This content can help explain product benefits and show how they can be combined to best effect.


makeup marketing video

Why are makeup marketing videos effective?

This makeup marketing video content gave SpaceNK the content it needed to raise brand awareness about the products.

Short-form videos are vital for cosmetics sales due to their high engagement and easy consumption. In this industry, visuals are key, and short videos are perfect for showcasing products, demonstrating application techniques, and swiftly highlighting their benefits.

They quickly capture attention, making them ideal for a fast-scrolling environment. Visually appealing videos can stop potential customers, increasing their engagement and consideration of the product.

Cosmetics being highly visual products, short videos allow for showcasing colors, textures, and how the product looks when applied. This visual demonstration effectively entices customers to make a purchase.

Short videos demonstrate product usage, critical in cosmetics where proper application matters. Showing how the product enhances appearance or solves a problem drives interest and sales.

They enable creative storytelling and branding, conveying the brand message, values, and unique selling points concisely. This aids in building brand identity and customer loyalty.

Short videos integrate well with popular social media platforms, where users engage with short, entertaining content. This broadens the reach for cosmetics brands to a diverse audience.

Highly shareable, short videos increase brand exposure and potential customer reach, potentially boosting sales. They’re also cost-effective, allowing brands to showcase various products and promotions within budget.

In summary, short-form videos empower the cosmetics industry by swiftly engaging audiences, visually showcasing products, demonstrating usage, and effectively conveying brand identity, ultimately leading to increased engagement and sales.

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