We produced a testimonial film for Capgemini about their work with West Sussex Primary Care Trust. Primary care trusts (PCTs) are the statutory NHS bodies responsible for commissioning most health services and for improving public health. Until recently, they also directly managed the vast majority of NHS community health services, such as district nursing, health visiting and children’s services. Recently three PCTs in Sussex 0were merged into one. This process involved bringing three different company processes into one.  Capgemini won the work to implement this transformation. They ensured that the merger went smoothly, while implementing best practice and cutting-edge technology.

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The Value of a Testimonial Film

This testimonial film was a challenge to edit simply because the scope of the work Capgemini did was so vast. Their consultants worked with the Executive Team on the transition. They developed a new methodology for process like invoicing, and helped the core staff show others in house how to use it. In the end, this accounts for a fraction of the story, but still gives you an idea of how successful it was. It is also a great way for a business to show prospective clients what other people think of their brand.


The benefits of getting your clients on Camera

Testimonial video content serves as compelling assets in the sales arsenal because they subtly convey trust and credibility. Viewers connect with real experiences shared by customers, creating a sense of authenticity that words alone can’t. These videos can be very persuasive, showcasing satisfied customers and their genuine satisfaction with a product or service.

Their impact lies in relatability; potential buyers see themselves in the shoes of satisfied clients. Testimonials guide to purchase rather than sell to them. Moreover, in an era where digital interactions dominate, video content significantly boosts engagement and retention. Sharing positive experiences visually builds an emotional connection, steering prospects towards making informed decisions. In essence, testimonial videos act as silent salespeople, quietly but effectively influencing purchase decisions through the voices and experiences of satisfied customers.




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