Today we’ve been filming in Wales for another Capgemini shoot, this time about their work with Welsh Water. This Cardiff video production was to capture a client testimonial video, as Capgemini has helped Welsh Water transform their billing systems.

Filming the interview

We filmed inside the offices of small sewage plant on the outskirts of Cardiff, though it was more pleasant than it sounds! We had a two camera set up, which gives us more opportunities when editing. We guided the contributor through the questions, shaping their answers without putting words into their mouths.

On the train home, we were able to start the assembly edit, where we cut down the interview into the usable takes. Streamlining the content makes it easier for clients to choose the best bits.

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Cardiff Video Production

The weather was a little unpleasant but we’ve managed to get plenty of nice footage and rather fortuitously the video is about water so in a way it’s helped us a little. We moved back into Cardiff itself and filmed some b-roll around the docks there.

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