We’re just finishing off a large animation project, an offshoring explainer video. We’re now rendering everything out, which takes forever. We’ve got three different machines running, but it’s like waiting for paint to dry. You daren’t do anything else on the computer that’s too heavy on processing in case it throws the animation off.

What is rendering?

Rendering is the process of generating a finalised animation from a 3D scene or model using computer software. It involves interpreting the 3D data, applying lighting, textures, and other visual elements, and calculating how these elements interact with each other. The software calculates the color, shading, and shadows of each pixel based on the scene’s properties and the virtual camera’s perspective. This computation-intensive process requires significant computing power. The resulting files are then taken into our editing software, where we combine them and add the sound track. Final we mix the sound effects, voice over and music together.

Some scenes can take an entire hour to render, as it brings all these different elements together.

Well, while that large animation project is rendering, it gives us time for cake from the Albion!

See our latest work here


large animation project

Update on our large animation project – 10/3/17

I stumbled across this post and it really made me laugh at how far technology at  Napoleon Creative has come. Seven years on, the iMacs we’re now using probably have double the power of the ones in this image. We got own server around 2012, which we updated in 2015, all of which sped us up amazingly.

Renders are quicker than ever, since the computers are higher spec and the software is more efficient, even though we’re creating work at high resolution. We also use render farms like Rebus to accelerate the way we work, an option which wasn’t available back in 2010!

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