Last week we were in the voiceover studio with one of our actor friends. While Liz gets regular acting work, she wanted to get more voice over work. So having done her research and found an agency she wanted to impress, she asked for our help. She wanted a professional voiceover showreel of her vocal talent, show her range of tones, accents and character voices. She came to us with some scripts she’d written, we helped her with a few more. We went to the studio, recorded her audio, then put the reel together with music appropriate music behind each one. She’s very happy with the voice clip, and I think it shows her talents brilliantly!

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UPDATE: 17/2/2011

We’ve now heard that the agency have accepted her! So that’s great news for her.

UPDATE: 10/3/2011

Liz has already had her first test session for a large supermarket chain. Go Liz!

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