We recently filmed a really fun video of The Kneader, the maiden product from our client Kneads Must. The Kneader is a really effective massage tool whether you’re using it on someone else or on yourself. We were asked to create the video to be used as part of the Barclays Make One Small Step competition, which helps to support start-up businesses.

Our idea…

…was to film an interview with the founder, Una Tucker and then to film The Kneader in action, giving a real, human response to the product. We also added elements to the film to specifically target the viewers of the competition entries, such as animated graphics.

When creating videos that are intended for a specific event, it’s always helpful to try and think long term.

So to offer a great ROI, we reworked the video, providing Una with video evidence of customers enjoying her product. She can use this to show to potential buyers of her product at any meeting.

This was my first role as director and proved to be a very helpful exercise in improving my skills. We filmed in two locations, had to coach staff and customers into giving a great performance for the video and in the end our client was very happy with the video. The contributors were quickly convinced what an effective massage tool the Kneader is! Watch the video closely to see a sneaky appearance of myself!

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