Just back from interview filming at the Natural History Museum. The piece was about how Darwin’s Theories of Evolution can be applied to businesses, and the contributor was the Financial Time’s Alan Cane. Capgemini chose us as their interview filming specialist to capture this content.

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The challenge of filming a specialist interview at the Natural History Museum

The location we filmed in was a library room, filled with old books and exhibits, that the public normally don’t get access to. We had to start at 7am, to complete the interview before 10am when the Museum opens to the public. We got chance to wander around the empty exhibitions, which was a little eerie. The footage looks great though, with no visitors getting in the way of the perfect shot!

filming dinosaurs


I’m an interview filming specialist, adept at putting contributors at ease and enhancing their on-camera presence. Along with the camera team, we create comfortable atmosphere, where contributors confidently share their thoughts.

I ensure they look their best on film, whether that’s flattening stray hairs or straightening their ties! I discuss what we’re looking from their contribution, so they know what kind of topics and answers we’re looking for. Obviously this will change as the interview develops. I guide them through the process, keeping their authenticity while refining their answers to ensure they are edit-friendly.

I’ve acquired my skills as an interview filming specialist over years of these kinds of interviews. I understand the delicate art of capturing genuine moments and insights on camera while ensuring the end result meets our project’s objectives. My relationship with both contributors and the end client ensures that the final film is not only visually appealing but also conveys the intended message effectively.

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