Today we were in Norfolk conference streaming the Green Strategy Conference from the King’s Centre for Norfolk County Council. This enabled participants unable to attend in person to engage with the conference.

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Norfolk conference streaming

Norfolk is under great pressure from global warming, given that even a relatively small rise in sea levels will flood areas of East Anglia.  This pressure is ever increasing since Scientists revise their estimates of how quickly this will happen on a seemingly monthly basis, and not in our favour.

Sometimes, the mounting evidence of how the Earth is really going into meltdown gets overwhelming, so it was inspiring to hear positive ideas of how we can rethink how we live our lives to be have less impact on the environment.

Norfolk conference streaming 2

The key moment for me was when asked whose responsibility was it to lead climate change, the room was unanimous that it was our responsibility as individuals to be more environmentally conscious, not something that should be left to government.

The leaf is one of the pledges that attendees made to signify their intention to help address these issues.

Norfolk Conference Streaming

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