We’ve just received another testimonial for the indents for Douwe Egbert’s sponsorship of Loose Women. These short clips are about to begin airing today around the ad breaks. We created the idents to promote their Cafe Switch product. With thumbs.

Testimonial from our client

Mark Carolan is one of the Creative Directors of Strawberry Frog, the creative agency that commissioned us for the work. We worked closely with Mark and his team to develop the ideas behind the indent, and create the miniature studio set. He gave us this review.

“Napoleon Creative is a wonderful outfit. Versatile, efficient, dedicated, respectful. Everything a pompous, over-demanding, fanatical Creative Director could ask for. Get them on the phone. Now.”

When will the indents for Loose Women be broadcast?

Tune in your television set at 12.30 on ITV 1! The indents will be running before and after every segment of the show. We’ve set our video recorders specially!

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