We’ve been commissioned by Douwe Egberts and their creative agency Strawberry Frog to create a series of idents for ITV’s Loose Women. Today was the first shooting day, here are some pics of us on the set of Loose Thumbs… or rather under it!

What is Loose Thumbs?

The concept behind Loose Thumbs is to create a cheeky parody of Loose Women. Instead of human presenters, they’re just thumbs.

How we built the set

The first stage was to work out from the script the various parts of the ‘studio’ set we needed, which included a performance area, the seated area and a dressing room. We then needed to logistically work out how big the set needed to be so that the thumbs were the right size.

With this decided upon, we planned how big it needed to be to fit three people underneath then set. This took a lot of trial and error, creating basic sets out of cardboard to get the sizing right. We then rebuilt this in plywood to make sure it was sturdy enough for a full two day’s filming.

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