The NC Team have just come back from the Motor Show, where we produced a timeline animation for to support for the speech given by Ken Keir, Head of Honda UK. We created a series of animations that were then triggered by the company setting up the screens for the show. ,Completed in a modest tone, Honda trumped all the other car brands by by letting the associates who built the car unveil their latest in the Civic range, the Type-S.

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Our client, Graham Avent, Honda’s PR Communications Manager, said

Well done yesterday at the Motorshow. Don’t know how anyone can be so cool under pressure.

It was such a hectic event, with each manufacturer putting on a show and unveiling new models left right and centre. We saw a range of displays on the day from the cool (Ford’s new focus carved from ice) to the twee (Ford’s rapping children and bongo drums) to the bizarre (Diahatus’s acrobats dressed as a pair of eyes.)

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