Following our video for the Natural History Museum event hire team we asked Alice Beer the Filming and Event Manager a few questions. It’s great to have hear the process from the clients perspective.

What objective were you trying to achieve with the video?

We wanted to create a video that showed the range of events we can accommodate in our diverse spaces. We wanted the content to inspire and excite potential clients and show them the scope of our Venue Hire offer.    

How did the NC team help you shape the content of the video?

We had a really productive and focussed content session where they drew out exactly what messages we wanted to put across and how we wanted to do this. Then they took all of these objectives and simplified them to give them something to work with.

What surprised you about the production process?

It was very detailed and fun. I was surprised by how NC really made me define and articulate exactly what we wanted from the content. I was expecting to just send over a brief and have a conversation but the brainstorming session was really valuable. I was also surprised at how quickly their turnaround time was; after shooting the content, I received the initial cuts really quickly.

Have you had any feedback on the video yet? 

Not from anyone outside the Museum yet, but the feedback has been very positive within the team.

If you were to recommend us to a friend what would you say?

That the NC team took the time to learn exactly what we wanted and the footage shot perfectly matched the brief. They were really flexible with our amends and we are very happy with the final product.

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