We knew Bonnie’s miso soup brand Miso Tasty had great products, ambitious growth plans and a rosy future. However, we couldn’t have predicted that the company would reach their Seedrs goal in under two days! Of course, our killer Seedrs video must have help!

The Napoleon Creative team have known Bonnie for years, since we had offices in the same building. We filmed her when she was setting up supper club, Full House. We’re really please and proud for her achievements so far, and can’t wait to see her Empire grow even further!


killer Seedrs video

If you’re thinking about Crowd Funding, get in touch as we can help tell your story through video.


Why do you need a Killer Seedrs Video?

In today’s digital-first world, including video into your crowdfunding campaign will significantly enhance both the reach of the project, and the engagement it receives.

Video is a powerful tool that can bring your project to life, showing your passion in an authentic way.

Video offers a human touch, allowing potential backers to connect with the faces and voices behind the project. In this project, Bonnie comes across as really passionate about her product. The video gave her an opportunity to showcase her enthusiasm and expertise, which encourages backers to trust and support her venture.

Moreover, videos allow for a richer storytelling experience. You can visually present your project’s unique selling points, demonstrate prototypes or products, and share testimonials, painting a vivid picture of what your backers can expect. This immersive approach can boost excitement and trust, encouraging potential backers to invest in your vision.

Additionally, in a fast-paced digital world, videos are easily digestible and shareable. They grab attention quickly, making a lasting impression in a short timeframe. Uploading a killer Seedrs video to the platform enables you to maximise your reach and resonate with a broader audience, potentially leading to increased funding and success for your project.

In essence, integrating video into your crowdfunding campaign is a strategic decision that can help your project stand out, captivate audiences, and drive support towards bringing your innovative ideas to life.


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