Making a square format promo

Miso Tasty asked us to help them tell their story for their crowdfunding campaign. To help build awareness, we also created this short Seedrs promo. It helped to get the message out to their fans and to those who might support their campaign.

We made it in a square format, so that it would fit easily on mobile, and look great on Facebook and Instagram. As it’s been proved that more and more people are watching without sound, we built it with simple titles in mind. These communicate the message without needing the audio track audible.


They had a great response to the promo video with over 2,000 views. Once it went live it’s fair to say the campaign was a bit of a success!…

seedrs promo


Why do I need a Seedrs Promo?

In today’s tech-centric era, integrating video into your crowdfunding campaign can significantly amplify both the project’s outreach and engagement levels. Video serves as a potent tool to animate your project, displaying your genuine passion in a compelling manner.

Video introduces a personal touch, allowing potential backers to connect with the faces and voices driving the project. Within this venture, Bonnie’s enthusiasm for her product shines through. The video provided her with a platform to showcase her energy and expertise, fostering trust and backing from supporters.

Furthermore, videos offer a more immersive storytelling experience. You can visually illustrate your project’s distinctive features, display prototypes or products, and share endorsements, crafting a vibrant depiction of what backers can anticipate. This engaging approach heightens enthusiasm and confidence, motivating potential backers to invest in your vision.

Moreover, in today’s fast-paced digital realm, videos are easily consumable and shareable. They quickly capture attention, leaving a lasting impact within a brief timeframe. Uploading a Seedrs promo to the crowdfunding platform empowers you to optimize your reach and resonate with a broader audience, potentially resulting in heightened funding and triumph for your project.

integrating video into your crowdfunding endeavour is a strategic choice that can set your project apart, captivate viewers, and drive support toward materialising your innovative concepts.

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